Action for Trans Health

23 June 2016 by Pure Radio

Action for Trans Health is an organisation that aims to improve the lives of anyone who identifies as transgender.

They raise money, which is then allocated to trans people in need.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to one of the group’s founders, Jess.

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Jul 2014 - People Like Us Stockport Grant Award

24 July 2014 by Pure Radio

People Like Us Stockport is a social group for the borough’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community.

They’ve recently been awarded money from funds raised at the annual LGBT festival, Manchester Pride.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Chris Hassall, who is the group’s Chairperson.

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The Basement Podcast 7 March 2012

7 March 2012 by Pure Radio

Katy Booth gets some tips on cutting costs from celebrity money expert, Jasmine Birtles. Dan serves up more Basement Bangers to review but which will make the coveted A-list? And we’ve got the Gig Guide and Gaming Update.

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Jun 2011 - Everyman - Turn Blue for Testicular and Prostate Cancer Research

16 June 2011 by Pure Radio

Tomorrow the Everyman Campaign, from the Institute for Cancer Research, is encouraging people to raise money for their work with prostate and testicular cancer. Under the Rainbow heard from Doctor Elizabeth Rapley who explains more about the cancers, and how they are encouraging people to raise money.

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Cellar Cast 8

23 January 2010 by Pure Radio

Highlights from The Cellar Tapes, Pure 107.8 FMs alternative sixties show, aired on January 23rd 2010.

The featured album for this particular week was the second album from Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow from 1967.

As well as that, there were other sixties delights from the likes of The Zombies, Sopwith Camel, Canned Heat, Turquoise, John Mayall, and The Blues Magoos.

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