Dec 2013 - The North West Older LGBT Housing Guide

19 December 2013 by Pure Radio

Stonewall Housing have released a guide for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans older people.

They hope it will help older LGBT people to find accommodation.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Tina Walthern from Stonewall Housing.

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Nov 2013 - Bloomers - Older Women's Group

14 November 2013 by Pure Radio

Bloomers is a twice-monthly group for older lesbian and bisexual women, run by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

Their Wellbeing Officer, Kate Hardy, has been speaking to Under the Rainbow about the group.

Download MP3 (6 MB | 4:27 min)

Noddy Holder chats to Stockport Years, Part 1

8 November 2011 by Pure Radio

Slade’s Noddy Holder chats to Matthew about sausages, Christmas, comebacks and the French…

Download MP3 (17 MB | 7:22 min)

Noddy Holder chats to Stockport Years, Part 2

8 November 2011 by Pure Radio

Noddy Holder of Slade takes on the fearsome ‘What Happened To You?’ quiz…

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Stockport's Dame Joan Bakewell talks to Susan Sides

4 October 2009 by Pure Radio

Last year Stockport broadcaster and journalist Dame Joan Bakewell was appointed the voice for older people in the UK by Government.

Joan, who attended Stockport High School for Girls, now Hillcrest Grammar, talks to Susan Sides about the age of compulsorily retirement and why we need a National Older Persons Day.

Download MP3 (5 MB | 5:01 min)

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