The Crucible Part II On Stockport Focus

20 March 2012 by Pure Radio

Susanne Pendlebury went into the green room at Stockport’s Garrick Theatre to find out more about the The Crucible, the actors and who they are playing. We will hear Martin Pritchard the director, David Glindon, Theresa McSween, David Mellor and Elinor Dixon.

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The Crucible Part I On Stockport Focus

19 March 2012 by Pure Radio

The Crucible is the latest drama by Stockport’s Garrick theatre. Susanne Pendlebury went to see the production and spoke to director Martin Pritchard and Theresa McSween who plays Tituba the slave why this is such a fascinating play to this day.

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Pure Breakfast 'Best Bits' Podcast - Wages arguements, SuBo and passion killers

10 December 2009 by Pure Radio

The team argue over wages, Clare reveals her passion killers and Tim tells the team why he got grounded at Christmas.

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