Feb 2015 - Village Spartans Women's Team

26 February 2015 by Pure Radio

The England women’s rugby team won the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2014. This year, one men’s team is taking the opportunity to create a new women’s side.

The Village Spartans are a rugby team for gay and bisexual men. They were formed in 1998, and they regularly train at their grounds in Sale.

Now the Spartans are planning to set up a team for women. They’ll have a taster session at the end of next week, where women can give rugby a try – regardless of whether they’ve played before.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Spartans player and their PR Spokesperson, Gareth Longley.

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Nov 2014 - Still Ill

6 November 2014 by Pure Radio

Still Ill is a tragic love story between the jumped up pantry boy and the boy with the thorn in his side.

It’s set in a world of violence between Manchester and Northern Ireland.

The play will be on at The Lowry and at Oldham Library later this month.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to the writer, Billy Cowen.

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'Deathtrap' on Stockport Focus

22 October 2013 by Pure Radio

Deathtrap, a comedy-thriller by Ira Levin is a play within a play with many twists and turns. Susanne Pendlebury visited the Garrick Theatre and spoke to director Ian M. Butterfield, actors Martin Pritchard and Jan King trying to find out who is killing who.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 3:29 min)

'Rope' on Stockport Focus

8 January 2013 by Pure Radio

The Garrick Theatre is starting the year with thrilling play. Rope by Patrick Hamilton is set in 1929 London where a murder takes place. Susanne Pendlebury visits the green room and finds out more about the story from director Ian M. Butterfield and actors Anthony Collier and Adrian Barrowdale.

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'The Game' On Stockport Focus

23 October 2012 by Pure Radio
‘The Game’ a play by Harold Brighouse is set in the world of football of 1914. Susanne Pendlebury visited the Garrick theatre and tried to find out from directors Peter Aspinall and Barry Dixon, main characters Rebecca Derrick and Adrian Barrowdale what was different then and how things have changed.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 3:41 min)

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