Pure Sport 20 March 15

20 March 2015 by Pure Radio

Simon Kelsey sits in for Pete Liggins. Sound in Sport, the Greater Manchester School Games and the greatest manager England never had.

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Pure Sport: The Greatest Coach England Never Had 13 June 14

13 June 2014 by Pure Radio

He led amateur Sweden to Olympic gold and a World Cup final, putting his wits against one of the greatest Brazilian teams of all time. The most successful international coach England has ever produced, George Raynor was knighted by the king of Sweden and commended by the Prime Minister of Iraq. But he ended his days in relative obscurity, managing non-league Skegness Town and working at Butlins to make ends meet.

New a new book examines Raynor’s legacy and looks at why he never got the job he coveted as England manager. Author Ashley Hyne tells Simon who George Raynor was and what he did for European football.

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