National AIDS Trust - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

14 April 2016 by Pure Radio

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or Prep for short, is a drug that, if taken daily, can reduce the risk of acquiring HIV.

A number of studies around the world, have shown that it’s very effective at preventing the transmission of the virus.

The Senior Policy and Campaigns Manager at the National AIDS Trust, Sarah Radcliffe, has been telling Under the Rainbow about the latest developments.

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Sarah McQuaid in session for Roots & Fusion

25 November 2015 by Pure Radio

Born in Spain, spent time in both Chicago & Ireland, now living in Cornwall – the wonderful Sarah McQuaid came into the Roots & Fusion studio to play some music.

Having just released her fourth and most intense solo album, Sarah’s R&F session comes near the end of one of her longest tours yet.

As well as playing four songs from Walking Into White (including one bookended by a some lovely a cappella singing), we had a chat about how the recording of this album was different to the others, and also about juggling family life and life as a touring musician.

1) The Tide
2) The Silver Lining
3) Sweetness & Pain II / Leave It For Another Day / Sweetness & Pain III
4) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

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Jan 2013 - Love Equal Marriage

3 January 2013 by Pure Radio

Love Equal Marriage is the new campaign from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

It is aiming to encourage the government to implement a change in the law to allow marriage equality.

Sarah McNally from the LGF has been telling Under the Rainbow about it.

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness

5 October 2011 by Pure Radio

Many students in rented accommodation could be putting themselves at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, new research suggests.

National Grid’s Sarah Harris and leading illusionist Damien O’Brien talk about how they are raising awareness of the risks in a positive way.

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