School menu Competition

20 April 2016 by Pure Radio

Solutions SK and te Stockport County Community Foundation have joined forces to launch a school Meals competition. Dave Stearn Spoke to Jacqueline Cohen, Engagement Manager at SSK about it

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Obesity, Workplace Skills and County Preview 4 Aug 15

5 August 2015 by Pure Radio

With the Government proposing to remove benefits from people who refuse to lose weight, Dr Vicci Owen-Smith of Stockport CCG speaks to Simon about the challenges obesity poses the NHS. Plus, former Greater Manchester FSB president Richard Greg on a report that just 4% of businesses in Greater Manchester think school leavers are being equipped with workplace skills. And with the start of the football season just days away, Sam Byrne of the Stockport Express comes in to the studio to discuss County’s chances.

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Stockport Focus: Stockport Technical School, Stockport Sports and Paul Bellis 03 Mar 15

3 March 2015 by Pure Radio

Wayne Jones, Chairman of Governors at Stockport Technical School, tells Simon why the “ground breaking” free school is being forced to close after just two years. Plus former first team coach Dan Millen on the demise of Stockport Sports. Also, Bramhall South & Woodford councillor Paul Bellis on his defection to UKIP — and a response from local Conservative leader Cllr Syd Lloyd.

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Sep 2014 - Rainbow Teaching

25 September 2014 by Pure Radio

High School is a time when children are often discovering who they are.

Unfortunately this sometimes takes place amongst a backdrop of anxiety and bullying.

Rainbow Teaching is a new website with resources that aim to help teachers tackle issues about being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

Under the Rainbow spoke to the website’s founder and project leader, Allie George. They said that teachers often don’t get much support on LGBT issues.

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Feb 2013 - LGBT History Month Opening Event

7 February 2013 by Pure Radio

February is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month.

On Monday, Jeff Evans from the teacher’s organisation School’s Out officially opened the month in Stockport.

He gave a talk and a lesson on LGBT history.

Under the Rainbow went along to speak to some of those who attended the event. And the evening seemed to have provoked some memories.

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