Sean Taylor in session for Roots & Fusion

1 October 2014 by Pure Radio

The wonderful talent that is Sean Taylor returned to the Roots & Fusion studio to record a handful of tunes and have a chat.

With a six album body of work behind him, Sean played some new songs including his first ever public rendition of Flesh & Mind.

We talked about how his next album might sound, how he approaches recording as opposed to his live sound, and also the story of Danny and the Jazz Face…

1) Les Rouges Et Les Noirs
2) Rothko
3) Flesh & Mind
4) Hold On
5) Stand Up

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Basement - My Lyrical Mind

13 March 2014 by Pure Radio

Singer-songwriter Matt Wood – aka My Lyrical Mind plays some of his music in studio.

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Feb 2014 - LGBT Russia - Actress and Singer Heather Peace

13 February 2014 by Pure Radio

In recent months there have been stories about the situation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people living in the Winter Olympics host nation, Russia.

Under the Rainbow has heard reports about oppression and violence.

Actress and Singer-songwriter Heather Peace will be performing in Manchester this Saturday. She has recorded a message of support for LGBT people abroad with the Canal Street Sessions.

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Apple Rabbits - Roots & Fusion session

4 April 2012 by Pure Radio

Singer songwriter Jay Fisher came up from London specially to do a Roots & Fusion session. He played four songs taken from his Apple Rabbits albums, King of Anglia and Kilburn State and also had a chat with Rick.

The songs are Get Paid, I Could Not Care Less, Yeah and Playing Home Sweet Home.

Both albums are available on Kilburn State Records.

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