Spooky Stockport: Spirits in the Library

26 March 2012 by Pure Radio

Stockport Central Library may have a handful of spirits lurking in its basement.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 1:51 min)

Spooky Stockport: The Gorsey Bank Phantom

19 March 2012 by Pure Radio

A family is plagued by a series of extremely terrifying hauntings in their home.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 1:54 min)

Spooky Stockport: The Phantom of Heaton Chapel

6 February 2012 by Pure Radio

A family is haunted by a sinister spirit with a lantern during the First World War. Another spine chilling case from Stockport’s very own X-Files.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 2:06 min)

Spooky Stockport: The Black Biker

30 January 2012 by Pure Radio

A chivalrous motorcyclist gives a lift to a mysteriously vanishing biker at Mersey Square.

Download MP3 (2 MB | 1:33 min)

Spooky Stockport: The Grey Lady of Stockport Plaza

16 January 2012 by Pure Radio

If you’re heading down to Stockport Plaza, you may not be the only one watching the show.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 2:21 min)

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