Apr 2015 - Sports May and Pride Games

16 April 2015 by Pure Radio

Sports May is a programme of sporting activities aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

It will give individuals a chance to get involved in new sports, or to improve their abilities. The range of events includes swimming, football, athletics, tennis, rugby, cricket and volleyball.

The month will then be followed up by a number of tournaments in June.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to one of the volunteers helping organise the event, Phil Facey.

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Stockipedia: Fred Perry 01 July 14

1 July 2014 by Pure Radio

As the second week of Wimbledon gets under way, Duncan Boswell looks back at the life and times of one of Stockport’s most famous sporting sons — the second-last Wimbledon men’s singles champion, Fred Perry.

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Big Summer of Sport: Alan Lord, Ball of the Century & Pro Cycling, 07 Jun 13

7 June 2013 by Pure Radio

Simon Kelsey speaks to Stockport County assistant manager Alan Lord about the club’s new signings and agents in non-league football, it’s 20 years since Shane Warne bowled the Ball of the Century at Old Trafford and Pete Levene has a pro cycling update. Plus a full round-up of all the rest of the week’s sports news.

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Most Notorious: Fred Perry

25 June 2012 by Pure Radio

Forget Tim Henman and Andy Murray. Stockport’s very own Wimbledon champion has left a sporting legacy and a reputable clothing brand.

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How Cools Your Tennis Club with Bramhall Lane Lawn Tennis Club

6 July 2010 by Pure Radio

Hear what went on when Tim and Sara were invited along to Bramhall Lane Lawn Tennis Club during Wimbledon. They would like it pointed out that they were both invited to SW19 however, they couldnt afford the bus fare!

Pures Breakfast team chat to members of the club and put them through their paces, although no one was prepared to take them on at tennis, they did play Whose Forehand Is It Anyway?

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