23 November 2016 by Pure Radio

Nigel Cartner interviews Stella Grundy about her upcoming new album/radio adaptation of her stage show The Rise and Fall of a Northern Star

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Jun 2015 - Ian McKellen

25 June 2015 by Pure Radio

Mr Holmes is currently in the cinema, with Sir Ian McKellen playing the part of an ageing Sherlock Holmes.

Ian has said he’ll take on fewer acting roles in the future, in order to concentrate on writing his autobiography – after he signed a deal with publishers, worth a reported one million pounds.

Tonight, Under the Rainbow looks back at when he visited the Garrick Theatre in Stockport.

Ian explained why he thought more lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans celebrities don’t come out of the closet.

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Stockport Focus: 24:7 Theatre Festival - Anonymity

15 July 2014 by Pure Radio

The 24:7 Theatre Festival is a platform for new writing and an exciting place to stage your play – if you get chosen. Gareth George has achieved this with Anonymity. Two men, Joe Bateman as Alan and and Gareth as Brendan meet for the first time on a building site. Who is in charge? Susanne Pendlebury wanted to find out more.

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Stockport Focus: 24:7 Theatre Festival - Stuff

15 July 2014 by Pure Radio

Mick Cooper’s play tells us the unusual story of life, death, family and friendship. Director Gregg Scott, Eve Burley as Jess, Danny Ryder as Toby and Karl Greenwood as Xav tell Susanne Pendlebury what Stuff is all about.

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Living with Mr. Happy on Stockport Focus

17 June 2014 by Pure Radio

A true story of Life, Love and Trainspotting.
Graham is an accountant with a problem: No job and bills to pay. The latest production @3MT written by Stockport’s accountant Geoffrey Hannam – Susanne Pendlebury interviewed the author and cast.

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