Aug 2015 - Manchester Pride Parade Preparations

27 August 2015 by Pure Radio

This weekend is Manchester Pride – the annual festival for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community. On Saturday afternoon, the parade will be going through the streets of the city centre.

Under the Rainbow has been catching with one of the groups from the borough, that will be walking in the parade – People Like Us Stockport.

Download MP3 (4 MB | 2:50 min)

Ruth Roshan & Ben Walker in session for Roots & Fusion

26 June 2013 by Pure Radio

When Melbourne based mandolin player Ruth Roshan met Stopfordian, muti-instumentalist and all round nice guy Ben Walker for the first time and musical sparks flew.

It was Ruth’s second time in the R&F studio, but the first with her mandolin. She asked for a classical guitarist to assist and Ben stepped up…

They recorded one of Ruth’s tunes, one of Ben’s and a couple that they both knew.

1) Misirluo
2) Low Tide
3) Fragile
4) Primera Estella
5) Ruth & Ben in conversation with Rick

Download MP3 (21 MB | 23:04 min)

Ben Walker in session for Roots & Fusion at Bramhall Hall

27 February 2013 by Pure Radio

Stopfordian, multi-instrumentalist and all round nice guy Ben Walker made a welcome return to the Roots & Fusion Stockport sessions.

We recorded him in the Great Hall of the wonderful Bramhall Hall, with it’s history and great acoustics…

We also managed to have a chat with the manager there, Caroline Egan.

Download MP3 (39 MB | 42:54 min)

Stockport's Olympian & Paralympian Homecoming

27 September 2012 by Pure Radio

Pure was at Stockport Town Hall on Thursday 27 September 2012 to welcome our London 2012 Heroes home.

20 Team SK Olympians & Paralympians competed at London Games winning 6 Golds & 20 Medals. Stockport’s Games Marker volunteers & Torchbearers were also be honoured.

Download MP3 (28 MB | 30:58 min)

Ben Walker on Roots & Fusion

22 February 2012 by Pure Radio

Stopfordian, multi-instrumentalist and all-round nice guy, Ben Walker came into the Roots & Fusion studio together with bazouki and celtic harp player Chris Knowles.

They played 5 beautiful songs: Briana, Fisherman, Lay My Rifle Down, Photograph Wall and Where Will You Go.

For more information about Roots & Fusion, see

Download MP3 (23 MB | 25:30 min)

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