Jan 2015 - #SoWhat Anti-Bullying Campaign

15 January 2015 by Pure Radio

Stuart Hatton Jr is a winner of the Mr Gay UK and Mr Gay World competitions.

This week he launched an anti-bullying campaign. He’s encouraging people to tweet a photo of themselves with So What written on their hand, with the hashtag #SoWhat.

Stuart told Under the Rainbow that he hopes to help young people shrug off homophobic and other bullying that may be directed at them.

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Noddy Holder chats to Stockport Years, Part 2

8 November 2011 by Pure Radio

Noddy Holder of Slade takes on the fearsome ‘What Happened To You?’ quiz…

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Thomas Dolby on his new album 'A Map of The Floating City'

7 October 2011 by Pure Radio

‘Hyperactive’ Thomas Dolby chats to Matthew about the release of his first studio album for nearly 20 years, ‘A Map of the Floating City’, reveals how an online gaming world got him back into the music scene, and takes of the challenge of the fearsome ‘What Happened To You?’ quiz…

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