Steve Pledger Interview

2 April 2016 by Pure Radio

In the week that one of our favourite albums of 2015, Steve Pledger’s ‘Striking Matches in the Wind’ celebrated it’s 1st anniversary, we caught up with Steve in his home village of Dunster to chat about the response to Matches and his plans for the rest of the year. Is there new material in the pipeline??

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Heather Small Living For The Weekend

17 July 2015 by Pure Radio

The legendary Heather Small, vocalist from M People spoke to Pure’s Paul Holloway prior to her appearance at the Rewind North Festival on 9 August 2015.

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What is a weather bomb?

9 December 2014 by Pure Radio

With a ‘weather bomb’ being blamed for the strong winds set to batter the North West this week, Simon talks explosive cyclogenesis with Dan Williams from the Met Office.

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Rewind Festival Podcast

6 September 2014 by Pure Radio

Paul Holloway spoke to Nick Hayward from Haircut 100 & Nik Kershaw backstage at Rewind Festival at Capesthorne Hall

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